Summer Reading Program

Walpole Public Schools

Elementary Summer Reading Program

Dear Parents and Students:

Research tells us that when students don’t read for two months their skills regress.  Reading is a skill, which requires practice, just like sports or math facts.  Summer reading helps students of all ages keep their skills sharp so they are ready when school begins again in the fall. Reading throughout the summer not only enhances basic reading skills of young students, it creates unique opportunities for learning, exploring, and growing.  The Walpole Public Schools Elementary Summer Reading Program is designed to promote reading and learning as enjoyable activities.  The following is a suggested guide to authors, resources and activities for children to share their reading experiences.  Please choose any title that may interest you from any other sources.  Magazines, graphic novels, audio books and eBooks also provide valuable educational experiences. 

We strongly encourage parents to read aloud, including to those children who are already independent readers.  In addition to being a wonderful family activity, children increase their listening vocabulary, which improves their comprehension.  It also allows them to develop interests beyond their reading levels. 

This summer there is one requirement: Students entering grades 1-5 are required to complete one sharing activity, which will contribute to the first term grade in literacy.  The directions and pages for this activity are attached along with a summary and an example of the product.

During the first two weeks of school in September, the children should return the assignment to their new teacher (by September 11); their projects will be displayed in their classrooms.  A special school recognition will be awarded to any student who participates in this program.

The Walpole Public Library offers a summer reading program and events to celebrate reading. Check out the schedule at http://www.walpolelibrary.org/children.asp  

The Showcase Cinemas at Patriot Place offer free story times every week during the summer.  The schedule is at http://www.patriot-place.com/cinemadelux

 Barnes and Noble book store at the Walpole Mall offers weekly story events as well: https://www.thebalance.com/barnes-and-noble-summer-reading-program-for-kids-1356824    Join the Summer Reading Program and win a free book!  

Happy Reading!